Weekend Kpop Update | VIXX Comeback + B.A.P Releases Album Teasers + IU Seeking Possible Legal Action for Editing and Distributing Photos

Alright so I’m late on my Weekend update. But, before we get into it, I do want to talk about the Unpretty Rapstar elimination. Was anybody else confused at first too? Ok so Kasper and EXY were permanently eliminated and Yezi was eliminated but she got a second chance due to the viewer vote.

And then there was MAMAMOO’s announcement of their official light stick. Guess what it is? It’s a radish!

Is it cute? I love how creative that is!

But in other announcement news, VIXX has released teasers for their upcoming comeback “Chained Up”. The guys are dressed in all white with a close up.

I can’t wait to hear a preview of their new music.

However, we do get a preview of another groups comeback music…. B.A.P! We were already given a sneak preview at their song, “Young, Wild & Free”, now check out previews for more of their music. 15 seconds is not long enough.

Let’s talk about IU.

Recently, photos of IU began circling that stemmed from a post called, “IU’s official risque concept”. These photos were taken at a fan meeting that IU recently held on September 20th. However, there was something interesting about these photos, they were dramatically edited. Instead of what she was actually wearing that day, they were edited to look like she only had on stockings and black underwear.

And now, IU is considering taking legal action.

Using the captures of the postings we received, we are investigating the accounts and those who disseminated [the photos].”

(source: allkpop)

This is actually why these idols make a huge deal about cameras and recordings because people do things like this. It’s truly disrespectful and they honestly owe her an apology for that.


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