Part 2 | ~는 거야? (-neun geoya?) [Grammar of the Week] (activity) + 때 (ttae) [Word of the Day]


Let’s start with the Word of the Day.

때 (ttae) [noun] | “time; moment; occasion; when”


  • 숨을 내쉴 때마다 (sumeul naeswil ttaemada) | “Whenever I take a breath” ~ f(x) “4Walls”

So last week we talked about ~는 거야? (-neun geoya?) which means, “are you doing?”.


  • 가다 = 가 + 는 거야 (가는 거야) | “Are you going?”
  • 학교 숙제 하는 거야? | “Are you doing homework?”

This week, we’re going to do an activity surrounding that lesson. I’ll give you the sentences in English to be translated into Korean and Korean to be translated into English. Ok? Let’s get started!


  1. Ex. ** “What are you eating?” | 뭐 먹는 거야? = 먹 + ~는 거야
  2. “What are you doing?” | ?
  3. “Where are you going?” | ?


  1. Ex. **”뭐 읽는 거야?” | “What are you reading?” (읽 + ~는 거야)
  2. “어디 먹는 거야?” | ?
  3. “마시는 거야?” | ?

Ok so really quick! I’ll give you all the answers next week along with a new lesson, “going to do”.


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