Weekend Kpop Update | Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Lectures Fans + Starship Entertainment Releases Group Teaser+ BTS “Run” and Yerin Baek “Across The Universe” (video)

It was a very busy weekend in the kpop world. I usually start writing this on Friday and finish on a Sunday but this weekend was kinda quiet… until today. For starters, congrats to Daebak on “The Return of Superman” who took his first steps on the show! So cute! Zico released a tracklist for his first mini-album and TaeTiSeo and Lovelyz also released teasers for their upcoming music as well.

Busy right?

But I think my favorite part of the weekend was when Super Junior’s Kyuhyun lectured fans for their irresponsible behavior. Apparently, people got hurt over the impatience of fans at a recent concert. They were pushing and shoving and running and well… he took to twitter let them know how he really felt about their behavior.

I’m disappointed even though the performance wrapped up well. I told everyone numerous times to be careful and not run but in the end they shoved [each other] and fell..if something like this happens again, I’m just going to leave without seeing the fans’ faces..Please relay this message to the fans overseas, too.”

(source: allkpop)

I actually think that was the best way to handle it. Really nothing else needs to be said. He was being serious and I really hope people take heed in the future. Stampedes happen in situations like this and people have died from it. It’s serious.

Starship Entertainment is gearing up for a new winter comeback track. Ahhh, it seems like only yesterday they released their last one that I adored so much.

I love how cute that looks! It’s a yearbook for the end of the year.


And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… new music!

Grammar of the Week |~과 (-gwa) vs ~와 (-wa) Activity + 위 (wi) [Word of the Day]


Let’s start with the Word of the Day! Last time, the word was 밑 (mit). I’ve decided this week will be a “directional word” theme. I think I’ve done this before as a vocabulary list as well.

위 (wi) | “up; on top; above”


And now for the Activity! I almost didn’t do this but I figured it’d still be good to get some extra practice on this subject.

For this activity, you’re going to translate each of the sentences. So if it’s written in Korean, translate it to English and if it’s written in English, translate it to Korean.

  • ~와 (-wa)
    1. 핸드폰 와 이어폰 = ?
    2. 꽃 와 잡초 = ?
    3. house with garage = ?
  • (~gwa)
    1. 커피 과 차 = ?
    2. car with bicycles = ?

I’ll give the answers next week!


Thursday Kpop Update | Jessica Jung Interview with L’Officiel Singapore + Unpretty Rapstar and SMTM at 2015 MAMA + EXO Winter Teaser

Today was a pretty eventful day for me and for kpop. This post honestly didn’t get posted because I was a tad bit overwhelmed with things to do. But I digress.

Did you hear the good news? iKON’s B.I and Jinhwan are now members of the team for the vairety show “Mari and Me”. It’s pretty awesome to see that they won’t be just guest appearances but actual members of the show. And BTS decided to give fans an early pre-listening party for their new music. Being able to hear the song early got fans super excited for their official comeback. By the way, have you checked their instagram lately?

View this post on Instagram

2015.11.30 #화양연화pt2 #BTS #RUN

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And there’s more where that came from on their page!


Moving on to the interview Jessica Jung gave with L’Officiel Singapore. She was recently featured on the cover of the magazine and her pictures were stunning.

She was asked about leaving SM, if she felt that she has more freedom now, if she’ll return to music anytime soon and if she feels she’s changed since leaving the entertainment industry.

On having more freedom:

It depends on how you interpret space and freedom. I’m very busy at the moment from focusing on my brand and my entertainment career, but that’s because I choose and want to be… when you’re working for an employer, there are good and bad days. Sometimes, you wish you could just take the day off… The difference for me today is that although I have that luxury to take time off whenever I want…”

(source: allkpop)

You can see her responses to the other questions at allkpop. I wanted to focus on that one response in particular because it actually surprised a lot of fans. Here’s why, they were genuinely stunned at her maturity. She didn’t use the opportunity to throw stones like she could’ve, she used it to show that she’s an adult, she made an adult decision, she’s at peace with her decision, and she’s still living and working hard but overall, she’s happy.

Isn’t that what life is all about anyway?


For those of you who will be watching 2015 MAMA, you’re in for a treat if you’re a fan of Unpretty Rapstar and Show Me The Money. Apparently, there will be some type of collaboration on the stage featuring a few of the contestants.

“According to an insider, the stars of “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” Truedy and Yezi, as well as the contestants of “Show Me the Money 4,” Basick and Lil Boi, will be performing on the same stage at the 2015 MAMA.”

(source: soompi)

Hopefully it’s not a unfounded rumor but actually the real deal! Though many still believe the fix was in with Unpretty Rapstar 2, it’ll still be nice to see them on stage performing live.


And finally, EXO debuted their new teaser! They’re getting ready to release their special winter album, “Sing for You”. It’ll be released December 10th.

Here’s a tweet that I found that translated the press release. I’m actually really excited for this!

The Beauty Bible | Skin and Make-Up Emergencies! (video)

I really don’t get to talk about this too much these days. As I struggle to figure out how to manage the changes going on with this new revamping of 23rdStation, I need to take a minute and go back to my favorite topic.

Hello Beauty Bible!

This episode is really one of my favorites. It’s for those who have that crazy skin! You know the kind that dries up and starts acting really weird? Yup! This is for you! At least, the first part of it is.

However, I must say the part that I was really so excited about was at the 16:30 mark. Emergency Transformation Make-up! With the seasons changing, my skin is deciding that it wants to do it’s own thing and that includes reminding me of my allergies. If you are an allergy sufferer, you’re probably very familiar with the dark circles under your eyes. Well literally in like 30 seconds they showed a way to hide all of it and still look au naturel!