가슴 (gaseum) vs 마음 (ma-eum) [Word of the Day] (Kpop Teaches Korean Too | Wonder Girls “Tell Me”)


I was given this song as a request to do for “Kpop Teaches Korean Too”. I haven’t come up with a new theme this week for the WOTD so today will be a special post. The song chosen is by Wonder Girls and it’s called “Tell Me”. I’m not going to do the entire song as that’ll only be a full translation. So I’m just going to focus on what part that I’ve talked about before and I love that this song used this!

어쩜 내 가슴이 이렇게 뛰니
가슴이 정말 터질 것 같아
네가 날 볼 때면 전기에 감전된 사람처럼 전기가 올라

“…eojjeom nae gaseumi ireoke ttwini
gaseumi jeongmal teojil geot gata
niga nal bol ttaemyeon
jeongie gamjeondoen saramcheoreom
jeongiga olla…”

My heart is beating so fast
I think it’s going to pop
Whenever you look at me, I feel like i’ve just been electricuted

Wonder Girls | “Tell Me”

가슴 (gaseum) vs 마음 (ma-eum)… remember this?

I didn’t go into detail too much the first time I covered it but I do remember explaining the difference and now we get to see it’s usage in action. The question here is, why was 가슴 (gaseum) used instead of 마음 (ma-eum)? She is talking about her heart so why the difference?

Answer: Because she’s talking about her literal heart.

가슴 (gaseum) | “chest; heart” (literal)

마음 (ma-eum) | “heart” (emotional; figurative)

There may not seem like much of a difference but let’s say, she said instead:

  • 내 마음이 파괴되어 같은 느낌. (nae ma-eum-i pagoedoeeo gat-eun neukkim.) | “I feel like my heart is breaking”. 

Notice how instead of 가슴 (gaseum) that 마음 (ma-eum) is used here. This is because a “broken heart” is a figure of speech and describes an emotional state or feeling. It is not meant to be taken in a literal sense. Therefore, 가슴 (gaseum) cannot be used here.

However, saying: 어쩜 내 가슴이 이렇게 뛰니 (eojjeom nae gaseumi ireoke ttwini) | “My heart is beating so fast”, would be the correct way to talk about the heart. Here we are speaking of the heart in the literal sense. Your “heart racing” or “beating fast” is generally considered a literal feeling.

I just wanted to talk about that again. I saw it and immediately thought, this is the perfect example of how these two words are the same but different.

That’s it for today!


Monday Kpop Update | B.A.P “Young, Wild, & Free” Teaser + Brown Eyed Girls Comeback (photos) + Song Mino, Bobby, and ONE Upcoming Collaboration

With all the upcoming marriage news and births of babies today, it’s actually nice to get back to the conversation about kpop. But first, (sorry EXO fans) LuHan has managed to find a way back into the spotlight today. But for good reasons, he’s featured in the new Harper’s Bazaar China as an “angel vs devil” type theme. Enough already? Alright alright. f(x)’s new song “4 Walls” was released today! I love the video and the song. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can find it here!

But of course, I can’t talk about this day without my favorite story of the day. Comedienne Park Na Rae did a parody photoshoot of Shin Min Ah’s jean photoshoot for MAXIM.

(source: soompi)

Of course she said on concluding the shoot that she was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t be more revealing.

How’d she do? 

Let’s talk about YG. 

Did you hear about that new collaboration project featuring Song Mino, Bobby, and One? Apparently the trio are becoming a new hip-hop group, it’s being created as a project. Can I say how excited I am? Ok so maybe Bobby does talk too much and I will admit he is extremely cocky, but you gotta admit, he is talented. And don’t get started on Mino!

It is really good to see ONE of 1Punch already being included in a good project. I was worried that once he went to YG we wouldn’t hear from him again for some years.

This trio is full of talent and songwriters so it should be a hit right?

I’m ready.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…

It’s a short preview and already I’m like… c’mon!! Let’s here the song!!

Young, Wild & Free #BAP #BAP151115 #MATRIX #youngwildNfree

Young, Wild & Free #BAP #BAP151115 #MATRIX #youngwildNfree

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I really can’t wait for the official release and by looks of the comments from fans off this one preview alone, I’m not the only one.

Will you be listening?

It was announced on October 1st that Brown Eyed Girls had reunited and would be making a comeback under APOP Entertainment. APOP is actually a sub-division of Mystic Entertainment.

Well now, the proof is in the pudding!

The ladies will be making their long awaited return November 5th with the new release “Basic”. And from the looks of it, this is about to pretty amazing. I already love the teasers.

Weekend Kpop Update | CJ E&M Copyright Infringement Lawsuit in U.S. + f(x) “4 Walls” Teasers and Sulli Shows Support + Netizens Speculate that Lay is Leaving EXO

This weekend was really busy! I stepped away for a whole day just to spend time sleeping and getting some errands done, when I come back, it’s like I missed weeks!! So let’s start with the comeback news. JungGiGo released a teaser video for his upcoming collaboration with Zion.T and Crush for his new song “247”. Woollim Entertainment announced through twitter that JOO would be making a comeback this year! After five long years she’s returning to the music scene.

And then there was this controversial thing surrounding JYJ and his concert… I won’t touch that. I just won’t. Let’s just say, it shouldn’t have been rated 12+.

Moving along… 

There is a huge copyright infringement lawsuit underway in the U.S. involving CJ E&M and it’s U.S. extension CJ E&M America vs DFSB Kollective. Just so you know, this doesn’t have anything to do with the recent blocking of certain videos on YouTube. That’s a completely different issue!

If you don’t know the backstory on this story, it’s like this. DFSB Kollective bought international distribution rights for 300 Korean songs and registered through the U.S. Copyright Office. When they did this, it allowed them to sell these songs on different music platforms like iTunes. No problem right? Except for one minor detail… according to DFSB, CJ E&M still allowed international (a.k.a American) consumers to buy music from their website. What’s the problem?

“…copyright holders’ returns drop as the music isn’t being purchase through those copyrights. On top of the copyright infringement allegations, the plaintiff has filed a complaint of violating the content management information under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. They claim that CJ E&M improperly credited copyrights and altered IRSC codes on songs played utilizing Beats Music streaming service, which was acquired by Apple in 2014…”

(source: soompi)


Well what does CJ E&M have to say for themselves? They said it’s all false allegations. According to them, they stopped letting American users buy music from their website wayyyy back in 2011 after seeing that there was a glitch that still allowed them to do it. In short, Americans were blocked from buying music from the site. And overall, they just jthink DFSB is just “unhappy” (mad cuz they lost) with a previously ruling back in 2012 and using this for a more favorable decision. So they kinda wanna dismiss this thing and move on.

I don’t know if this is gonna go away that easily though. They can try it. Let’s see how it goes.

Happier news. f(x) has release the group teasers and official teaser video for their upcoming song “4Walls”.

This is a significant time for them because not only are they making their long awaiting return but they’re doing all this without Sulli. However, Sulli offered support through her instagram but it was later taken down as it drew a huge backlash from netizens. Maybe her comment with the post “I support f(x) too hahaha…” wasn’t taken too kindly?

Guess once you’re gone, they want you to stay gone.

And finally, we have a rumor mill alert! I say that because I don’t want to add any fire to the speculation that is already currently circulating.

It appears that netizens seem to think that EXO’s Lay could be leaving the group. After an official announcement that he would not attending EXO’s Japanese tour, “EXO PLANET # 2 – The EXO’luXion – in JAPAN”, netizens began to think there was more to this than what was being said.

(and just a fyi, they won’t be refunding tickets)

“We would first like to thank all of you who continuously support and love EXO. We have important news with regards to “EXO PLANET # 2 – The EXO’luXion – in JAPAN”. It has been decided that Lay will not be participating in this tour. This decision has been made due to the fact that his personal schedules in China are not adjustable. We are sorry to those who were looking forward to his appearance and would like to apologize. The tour will continue as planned with SUHO, BAEKHYUN, CHANYEOL, D.O, KAI, SEHUN, XIUMIN, CHEN. A refund of tickets due to this reason will not happen. Please understand and continue to cheer for EXO and Lay.”

(source: koreaboo)

Now netizens are reacting by saying that he’s starting to “show his desire to leave EXO”, he’s “making a move to leave” and calling him a “traitor”.

Personally, I don’t think it’s that serious. Can’t we just wait it out first before jumping to conclusions? And who’s to say that this wasn’t management’s planning that messed him up in the first place? I wouldn’t call him “traitor” just for scheduling conflicts. He hasn’t abandoned them.

~는 거야? (-neun geoya?) [Grammar of the Week] + 어쩌면 (eojjeomyeon) [Word of the Day]


Let’s start with the WOTD.

Today, I was thinking about a word that is heard often and is featured in kpop music, specifically Wonder Girls “Tell Me” (we’ll talk more about that song tomorrow) and it’s a word I can’t believe I’ve delayed talking about, 어쩌면 (eojjeomyeon).

어쩌면 (eojjeomyeon) [adv] | “maybe; perhaps”

Think of this as an emphasis word when it’s used at the beginning of the sentence. But, it also serves another purpose. It can be used as what is called as “Interjection” like “what do I do?” or “what on earth?!”

Let’s move to the Grammar of the Week.

This is something I’ve been waiting to do for so long and now I can finally talk about it! ~는 거야? (-neun geoya?) and it means, “are you doing?” This is particularly interesting as it can only be used when you actually see someone doing something and you want to ask if they’re doing a specific thing.

Very easy to do!


  • 가다 = 가 + 는 거야 (가는 거야) | “Are you going?”
  • 먹다 = 먹 + 는 거야 (먹는 거야) | “Are you eating?”


You can add more to it to be more specific like,

  • 학교 숙제 하는 거야? | “Are you doing homework?”
    • 학교 숙제 (homework)
  • 영화 보는 거야? | “Are you watching a movie?”
    • 영화 (movie)

Notice that 학교 숙제 and 영화 are both added to the beginning of the sentence. This makes the sentence more specific to what you are seeing. (Remember, ~는 거야? (-neun geoya?) can only be used when you are actually seeing it happen!)

But let’s complicate it just a little. Let’s say I want to ask, “what are you doing?” or “who” is doing something, you add 누가, 뭐, 언제, 어디, 왜, or 어떻게 “who, what, when, where, why or how” to the beginning of the phrase.


  • 뭐 먹는 거야? | “What are you eating?”
  • 뭐 보는 거야? | “What are you watching?”
  • 누가 읽는 거야? | “Who is reading?”
  • 어떻게 집에 가는 거야? | “How are you going home?”

Alright so that’s it for this week! We’ll return to this again next week as an activity lesson!