Weekend Kpop Update | CJ E&M Copyright Infringement Lawsuit in U.S. + f(x) “4 Walls” Teasers and Sulli Shows Support + Netizens Speculate that Lay is Leaving EXO

This weekend was really busy! I stepped away for a whole day just to spend time sleeping and getting some errands done, when I come back, it’s like I missed weeks!! So let’s start with the comeback news. JungGiGo released a teaser video for his upcoming collaboration with Zion.T and Crush for his new song “247”. Woollim Entertainment announced through twitter that JOO would be making a comeback this year! After five long years she’s returning to the music scene.

And then there was this controversial thing surrounding JYJ and his concert… I won’t touch that. I just won’t. Let’s just say, it shouldn’t have been rated 12+.

Moving along… 

There is a huge copyright infringement lawsuit underway in the U.S. involving CJ E&M and it’s U.S. extension CJ E&M America vs DFSB Kollective. Just so you know, this doesn’t have anything to do with the recent blocking of certain videos on YouTube. That’s a completely different issue!

If you don’t know the backstory on this story, it’s like this. DFSB Kollective bought international distribution rights for 300 Korean songs and registered through the U.S. Copyright Office. When they did this, it allowed them to sell these songs on different music platforms like iTunes. No problem right? Except for one minor detail… according to DFSB, CJ E&M still allowed international (a.k.a American) consumers to buy music from their website. What’s the problem?

“…copyright holders’ returns drop as the music isn’t being purchase through those copyrights. On top of the copyright infringement allegations, the plaintiff has filed a complaint of violating the content management information under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. They claim that CJ E&M improperly credited copyrights and altered IRSC codes on songs played utilizing Beats Music streaming service, which was acquired by Apple in 2014…”

(source: soompi)


Well what does CJ E&M have to say for themselves? They said it’s all false allegations. According to them, they stopped letting American users buy music from their website wayyyy back in 2011 after seeing that there was a glitch that still allowed them to do it. In short, Americans were blocked from buying music from the site. And overall, they just jthink DFSB is just “unhappy” (mad cuz they lost) with a previously ruling back in 2012 and using this for a more favorable decision. So they kinda wanna dismiss this thing and move on.

I don’t know if this is gonna go away that easily though. They can try it. Let’s see how it goes.

Happier news. f(x) has release the group teasers and official teaser video for their upcoming song “4Walls”.

This is a significant time for them because not only are they making their long awaiting return but they’re doing all this without Sulli. However, Sulli offered support through her instagram but it was later taken down as it drew a huge backlash from netizens. Maybe her comment with the post “I support f(x) too hahaha…” wasn’t taken too kindly?

Guess once you’re gone, they want you to stay gone.

And finally, we have a rumor mill alert! I say that because I don’t want to add any fire to the speculation that is already currently circulating.

It appears that netizens seem to think that EXO’s Lay could be leaving the group. After an official announcement that he would not attending EXO’s Japanese tour, “EXO PLANET # 2 – The EXO’luXion – in JAPAN”, netizens began to think there was more to this than what was being said.

(and just a fyi, they won’t be refunding tickets)

“We would first like to thank all of you who continuously support and love EXO. We have important news with regards to “EXO PLANET # 2 – The EXO’luXion – in JAPAN”. It has been decided that Lay will not be participating in this tour. This decision has been made due to the fact that his personal schedules in China are not adjustable. We are sorry to those who were looking forward to his appearance and would like to apologize. The tour will continue as planned with SUHO, BAEKHYUN, CHANYEOL, D.O, KAI, SEHUN, XIUMIN, CHEN. A refund of tickets due to this reason will not happen. Please understand and continue to cheer for EXO and Lay.”

(source: koreaboo)

Now netizens are reacting by saying that he’s starting to “show his desire to leave EXO”, he’s “making a move to leave” and calling him a “traitor”.

Personally, I don’t think it’s that serious. Can’t we just wait it out first before jumping to conclusions? And who’s to say that this wasn’t management’s planning that messed him up in the first place? I wouldn’t call him “traitor” just for scheduling conflicts. He hasn’t abandoned them.


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