Wednesday Kpop Update | (Unpretty Rapstar Edition) Truedy Deletes Instagram + Yubin Performance Criticized

I noticed that the top stories today revolved around Unpretty Rapstar. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been following all the drama of that too much so I’m a bit behind on what happened. I had to start looking into it and low and behold I find out that it wasn’t too far from what I thought happened. Starting with Truedy.

Truedy’s ethnicity has been the topic of conversation for some months now with many people wondering if she’s mixed with black or half black. Fans even noted her resemblance to Yoonmirae. And then, little things started coming out. Comments people made, specifically Gilme who called her out for “pretending to be black” and then she allegedly came right out and said she wasn’t black. And the final thing, a picture surfaced.

(picture source: soompi)

Fans took to instagram to express their displeasure in her antics and have attacked her. They’ve called her a “fake Yoonmirae” and even said she’s “being disrespectful to black people for her cultural appropriation”. Apparently, she had enough of that and not only did she delete all her pictures and block a lot of people, but she left behind a short message, “It’s so hard…”

As for what Gilme said:

“Stop your Halloween cosplay,
Your rap is nothing special, it has no content,
Black people? Take off your dark makeup.”

Personally, I don’t think it’s right to terrorize anyone online for any reason. But I also don’t think it’s right to lie about who you are. Be you! It’s ok to embrace different cultures and to love different things about various cultures but don’t lie about who you are. Who you are is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of or to hide away just to be someone else.

I do hope one day she returns to social media and I also hope when she does return, she’s not bullied and attacked anymore over this. And I also hope she’s learned her lesson. It’s ok to appreciate another culture. It’s ok to love and embrace another culture, but just be honest. Be yourself. Embrace all cultures and appreciate the beauty in everyone. That’s all.

Which brings me to Yubin… 

I don’t know what happened! Apparently she really fell off and fans have been calling her out as well for her lackluster performances. What?!!

She had Drake’s “Back to Back” beat to freestyle and to just really go in! I don’t know what happened. She had the perfect set-up. It’s like she held back and the she didn’t really follow through with it like she should have. I’m not sure if maybe it was the nerves or the fact that she’s not a battle rapper but something didn’t work for her. And netizens let her know.

[+ 135, – 15] Her breathing is so off you can tell when she misses the beat

[+ 130, – 16] Even from the beginning I thought she was bad and couldn’t understand why people kept saying she was good. She has good stage presence..but her lyrics and rapping are so bad

[+ 101, – 20] She’s really pretty but she’s…bad..

(source: koreaboo)

This is a bit heartbreaking. Hopefully she pulls it together. (Unless I’m late and she’s already been eliminated.)


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