Tuesday Kpop Update | Zico Makes a Comeback + Netizens Outraged with GFriend Radio Performance + YG vs Mnet on MAMA Appearance

With Super Junior’s Eunhyuk officially enlisted and leaving, to IU releasing her teaser video for her new song, “The Shower“, and more comeback news (I’m looking at you N.Flying),  court cases involving drug use (*cough* E-Sens *cough*)… today was just a busy day. But part of today gave me a bit of a headache. A serious headache.

Let’s just start with the good news. Zico has officially announced through his instagram that he is in fact making a comeback asking fans,

“Did I keep you waiting for a longtime?”

Can I just say that I’m super excited about this. Like seriously I am! But the question remains, did he keep you waiting for a longtime? 말해 yes or no?

Now for the news that contributed to my headache. It’s not a secret that GFriend isn’t exactly the beloved group that I thought they would be when they first announced their debut. Fans never really got over their concept which seemed to be a direct copy of that of Lovelyz and OH MY GIRL. And let’s just say, the people were not having it.

And now today, I guess it was just the straw that broke the camels back. The floodgates of netizen rage opened and poured down upon GFriend in their latest live performance video. They were found guilty of “poor vocals” and lip-syncing.

On October 11th via Pann, a netizen published a post titled “G-Friend’s shocking MR-removed.” The original poster wrote, “Yoojoo’s vocals are really good but what about the rest?”… At a radio show, the group was recorded lip-synching to their track as well.

(source: koreaboo)

But how did the fans know they were lip-syncing? Maybe because at 0:45 into the video, Eunha can be seen missing her signal while the vocals are going.

Opps. Netizens weren’t very pleased with the slip-up either. After this, the rage began with comments ranging from, “they should be better with their vocals” to “yea they can dance but they can’t sing!”

And then there were these:

[+226, -17] Out of all the rookies, they are the least talented, Oh My Girl is significantly better than them and most of them can sing well, Lovelyz’ choreography is hard but they sing their high notes like it’s easy. Shouldn’t you sing well before dancing? It seems they’ll have to work harder.

[+167, -13] I lost respect for them after catching them lip-synch on the radio.

(source: koreaboo)


But there were those who came to their defense.

“you don’t have to judge them…we know they are rookies…they are not my bias..but for me its not that bad for being rookies as we can see their dance steps on this song is very hard because they have lot of jumping moves and they just show their best in dancing…and its also fine with me if they do lip-sync…the most important is they entertain the viewers…”
“you shouldn´t be to harsh with rookies; they are trained singing and dancing seperatly and for them is to do both at the same time at the beginning of to mutch…”
Personally, it’s not easy to sing live and honestly a lot of singers lip-sync. Some of the most famous singers out today do in fact lip-sync during live shows, especially while dancing. Do I think the netizens are being too harsh on them? Yes. I do. But they have their own opinions and they shouldn’t be silenced for having them, however, there’s this thing called Tact. And I’ll just leave it at that.

And now to my next headache. This was actually yesterday’s top story but my eye was twitching so badly because of it that I could barely talk about it. Today, I saw it again and I just felt my eyes uncontrollably start rolling and become partnered with a massive sigh of disbelief and annoyance. In short:

Mom!!! YG and Mnet are fighting again!”
YG released a statement earlier saying that they really didn’t have any set plans to be attending MAMA this year. Why? (eyeroll time)
“There has been no official recruit attempts for YG artists includingBIGBANG. Since it is usual for these preparations to begin well before 2months from the event, it is unclear whether YG artists will be showing at the ‘2015 MAMA.’ It is odd how no talks of appearance or the stage itself has yet to be brought up.”
(source: koreaboo)
And then Mnet said:
““We are currently preparing to hold the ‘2015 MAMA’ in Hong Kong on December 2nd, at the end of the month we will start collecting votes for the nominations, we are currently making the plans for the performances of the show… I don’t know why this kind of talk has surfaced at such an early stage,”
(source: koreaboo)
Basically, YG is like, “You didn’t invite me yet!” and Mnet is like, “Becauseeee we’re fixing the stage and stuff and we didn’t really get that far yet so I don’t really know what you’re talking about.”  Sighs and eyerolls abound!!! Why is this news? Just… why?
MAMA is December 2nd. Let’s see if YG shows up. If they don’t… I’m gonna be so upset.

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