Monday Kpop Update | Taeyeon Reality Show on OnStyle + B.A.P MATO PUZZLE Hidden Message + iKON Plagiarism Scandal

Today was a pretty busy day. SECRET celebrated their 6th year anniversary with the release of “For Sixth Time”. iKON gave an interview with Bobby talking about a new death experience and Bobby telling everyone whether “Show Me The Money 4” win was more important to him than his group debut or vice versa. (Obviously, the group debate was more important.) There’s also the recent discovery that OH MY GIRL’s choreography for “Closer” actually was in the shape of astrology signs and now there’s news that there’s a science to why people just look better with shorter hair.

But there were a few things today that stood out to me. Starting with Taeyeon’s new reality show. That’s right! Not only has she branched out on her own solo music career but she’s also expanding that solo empire through OnStyle.

OnStyle confirmed with TVReport, “Taeyeon has recently been filming for ‘Taengoo Cam’. The format or time and such have not been decided yet.”

(source: allkpop)

This is pretty exciting for her because this will ultimately help build her solo fan base. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be anymore Girls’ Generation tv but for now the focus is on Taeyeon until the group makes their comeback.

This story was actually really fascinating. Why? Because B.A.P, in preparation for their comeback on November 15th has released a secret message to their fans through this Mato Puzzle!

But what’s the message?

According to TS Entertainment, the Mato Puzzle has messages the members want to deliver to their fans, as well as information about their new album. The passwords inside the puzzle will be revealed at intervals until the comeback date.

(source: soompi)

Fans have already started deciphering the crossword puzzle. And it seems that these hidden messages are names, encouragement to fans, and previous song titles. Interesting.

And the last story of today was a bit upsetting to me. Just a little. iKON was featured back in the news today and it was honestly for reasons I didn’t expected. Apparently, they’ve been called out for plagiarizing to the bike company Unknown Bike co Korea’s logo. They posted a picture on their official facebook asking fans if the logos looked similar and saying that even other people said it looked similar but they weren’t going to sue about it.

Well, YG responded.

In the post below they explain that the concept for iKON’s logo had been in the works since 2014 and even showed proof of it. Here’s a snippet of their full statement released on their facebook. (loose translation)


“In 2014, the brand’s design team YG
The planning and design completed results.
Detailed schedule below.
@ Symbol icon logo development diary
1. Identity logo, recreation 06/23/2014: Icon logo design
2. The Aviation 22/07/2014 symbols ID: icon symbol design
3. The logo / symbol finalized 20/08/2014: Logo guide distribute relevant departments
E-mail distributed at the time who confirmed the symbols
Revealed screenshot. The thumbnail of an attachment
To check the symbols of the icon, and in the attachment
The public part of the information together planning.
In addition to internal data on August 29, 2014 year
Attach the completed prototype motion graphics video.
Attached to capture the metadata information of the video screen…”

This led Unknown Bike co Korea to retract their original statement and say in short, “it was a misunderstanding” and telling the fans to just see this as two companies having a creative dispute and it was nothing serious. They just wanted to know how they created iKON’s logo and when it was created. And they even apologized for any damage this may have caused.

That’s the quickest plagiarism fight I’ve ever seen. Person accused of plagiarism. Person responds. Accuser acknowledges response and apologies for inconvenience. The End. No lawsuit. No dragged out unnecessary bickering online with public statement after public statement.

Good talk. Glad that was resolved quickly.


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