Weekend Kpop Update | iKON “Rhythm Ta” Disses Seniors and Bobby’s Response + YG Speaks Out on Mnet Issue + Taeyeon Solo Preview (Video)

Ok so a lot happened over the weekend. Rain chose to join H Entertainment after leaving CUBE instead of creating his own agency, B.A.P. is preparing for a concert, there were marriages and engagement announcements and netizens are fighting again… great weekend for kpop.

But mainly, the news was focused on YG and this time the attention was geared towards Yang Hyun Suk and iKON. And let me start by saying, iKON dug a hole for themselves. It seems that fans listened to and began dissecting the lyrics of iKON’s new song “Rhythm Ta” and to put nicely, they’re not a “fan” of the lyrics.

“We’re not picky, for example, a time and place

We don’t try to act cool, for example, idols these days”

(“Rhythm Ta” lyrics)

But the fans weren’t having it. Fans were reminding iKON in their comments that they are idols too and that they have to be more responsible with their words. And even wondering what made them think it was ok to say these things when they just debuted. This wasn’t the first time that Bobby has said things that would be considered, “putting his foot in his mouth”. Remember that VIXX comment? “Boy group rappers come on stage with a clock dance. If you’re tone deaf, go practice.” and then let’s not forget the BOYFRIEND comment or even the times that they went in on how idols try to look good versus performing well. The list goes on.

But have no fear, Bobby has responded.

“I myself am an idol and iKON are also idols. I did diss many people but it wasn’t necessarily a diss towards idols but my way of telling them, ‘Let’s try our best together.’ That way idols rappers wouldn’t be disregarded.”

(source: allkpop)

Uhhh… ok Bobby whatever you say. It’s just really suspect to me. And you guys know I try to be as neutral as possible but Bobby has been getting the side-eye from me a lot lately with his actions. This isn’t helping.

Moving along…

Yang Hyun Suk has been giving a lot of interviews lately and clearing up everything! Any type of speculation you had before, he’s clearing that up in some way. Even with the saejaegi. (Btw, he’s ready to go back to the prosecution on that one! He said he’s gonna meet with J.Y. Park to discuss his ideas on it and he’s ultimately ready to report it again.) But aside from that, a lot of people are wondering, “What’s up with him and Mnet?” After saying that iKON had “no plans” to appear on M! Countdown due to their schedule and being in Japan. The question remains, are they “frenemies” now?

“Our relationship with Mnet is good. Just because we’re close does not mean that we cannot criticize. Taking them out of the ranks just because they chose to perform their debut at a different showcase does not make sense.”

(source: koreaboo)

I think I’ll have to take his word on that. Do I think there are some hard feelings here? Maybe. But only because, since he said that they’re close, it would seem like they were attacked a bit. So they kinda went at each other, kinda like how friends fight right? No…? Ok.

Now for some lighter news. Have you seen Taeyeon’s teaser for “I”?


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