Yang Hyun Suk | Address the Comparisons of BIGBANG vs iKON

Ever wonder how YG’s CEO feels about fans comparing BIGBANG and iKON? Wonder no more.

Apparently, he feels the whole thing is really “uncomfortable” and he released a statement expressing why.

“Big Bang have steadily put in the effort over the past 9 years to become a top global group, and they are just now enjoying their fruition. You cannot compare iKON with them… Both teams are in YG Entertainment and there are similar points between them such as that they release self-composed music. So although we’re thankful that they’re receiving interest, in the perspective of the producers, the fans, and the members, the comparison is uncomfortable. I think that kind of comparison or competition is unnecessary and not right… I hope that iKON work even harder and walk the road that their sunbaes have paved for them. But with that in mind, I don’t want to give them any excessive burden. Fans would probably feel uncomfortable about the comparisons as well.”

(source: allkpop)

I have to say, I agree with him and I will personally agree to stop with the mental comparisons everytime I hear a new song from iKON. It’s not fair to compare them. For starters, they have two different styles. Even though it may sound similar, they are in fact in different. There’s a different consistency to both of them. Another thing, BIGBANG has indeed been at this a lot longer. So to compare a rookie group with them is a bit unfair to both parties. It creates an unfair advantage for BIGBANG and sets and impossible standard to live up to in the first year for iKON.

It’s easier to look at them as two different groups and not compare them as being the same. They’re signed to the same label but that doesn’t have to make them the same.


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