Thursday Kpop Update | Inner Circle Boycott WINNER’s DVD + VIXX Comeback Confirmed + SEVENTEEN vs MONSTA X… Not Rivals.

Really sorry for my absence yesterday! I had every intention to blog but I just wasn’t feeling well. I needed a bit of rest. But I’m back today! And the kpop world did not disappoint. SM Entertainment is on the receiving end of good news today as netizens praise them for their outstanding job of promoting almost all their artists this year. That’s seriously a feat considering one company is in a bit of trouble with fans for doing the complete opposite. f(x) made their official return to the M! Countdown stage performing “4Walls” and my new favorite song, “Diamond”. (Seriously I love that song!) And then there was JYJ’s Jaejoong… someone should’ve pulled him to the side to let him know the emblem was upset down on his uniform. Poor guy. He got in a bit of trouble over that today.

But since we’re on the topic of trouble…

Who remembers this video?

Remember how excited we all got at the announcement of the “INNER CIRCLE”? Well now those same happy people are boycotting YG’s release of WINNER’s “WWIC in Seoul” dvd. But it’s actually for a good reason. One fan took to social media to list out the notable grievances amongst the fandom and honestly, I kinda can agree with them.

I’ll post a few here but click the link to see the full list.

Due to YG’s unilateral decision of delaying WINNER’s comeback, WINNER’s official fandom, Inner Circle is declaring the boycotting of 2015 WWIC in Seoul DVD.
YG’s actions against WINNER & Inner Circle since WINNER’s debut (August 17, 2014):

4. A total of 5 DVDs released since October 25, 2013 with only one album release. In addition to announcement of them releasing two additional DVDs: 2015 WWIC in Seoul Fan Meeting DVD and Season Greeting DVD

5. Behind-the-scenes footage and dance practice videos that other groups upload with no conditions, WINNER is selling it as a part of Seasons Greeting DVD

(source: allkpop)

At first glance, it may look like whining but they actually have a legitimate point. According to the fans, YG is continuously using them as an ATM machine, but they don’t really deliver on the product. Fans are tired of paying money for all these added features that are typically free for other fandoms and they still don’t have any new music to listen to.

It should also be noted that this boycott is temporary. Once YG makes an announcement for WINNER’s official comeback and follows through it, fans will cease and desist the boycott. But until then, they better be ready to deal with the unhappy fans and hurting pockets.

However, there is happier news today. VIXX officially announced their comeback!

The official release is literally a day away and I can’t be more thrilled to hear their new music.

And finally… SEVENTEEN vs MONSTA X! (Fight!)

Ok ok maybe that was a bit extreme. However, SEVENTEEN was recently asked if they consider Monsta X their rivals and this is what they had to say about the matter.

On October 28th, this topic was brought up to SEVENTEEN in which they said, “As we cheer on one another, we gain lots of strength. We’re  happy that we all got to promote together this time as well. It’s nice to be a close group,” adding, “MONSTA X (is a kind of team that) likes to stand on the stage together rather than compete.”

(source: koreaboo)

It’s nice to see idols supporting each other respectively… *ahem* Bobby. 

So that is all the major headlines today… that I found at least. But, if you haven’t see f(x) live performance, check it out below!

이해하다 ‎(ihaehada) [Word of the Day]


This is probably one of the few times I will do a post on a word that I was 100% sure I had already covered. (But if I did already do this word and you find the post or have it bookmarked please link it to me in the comments!) I think it was in my vocabulary list and I never went over it because in my head I used this word and just mistakenly forgot to post it here.

Anyway, it’s here now!

이해하다 ‎(ihaehada) [v] | “to understand; to comprehend”


  • 이해가 안. (ihaega an.) | “I don’t understand.”
    • an easier way to say this would be “나도 몰라 (nado molla)” or “잘 모르겠어요. (jal moleugess-eoyo.)”
  • 어떻게 나를 이해시켜야 할지? (eotteoke nareul ihaesikyeoya halji?) | “How can I make you understand me?” – f(x) “Beautiful Stranger”

Ok so that it for today!

Tuesday Kpop Update | Jessica Jung Cast in Chinese Movie + EXO Member Test Question + Fan Blames Tablo for Broken Camera

Today was just a really controversial day for some reason. I heard something about JB allegedly saying something inappropriate. It’s a rumor and some netizen was just posting nonsense online. If it was said there’s no proof that everything she said was actually said so I won’t even entertain it. Moving along, Akdong Musicians posted a video asking fans to wait just a little bit longer. They’re working on some new things right now so they’re asking for patience. I’m happy to see they’re still working on music together. Can’t wait to hear the new music!

And speaking of getting to work, Jessica Jung was cast in a new Chinese movie. Currently, it’s called, “Love Package”.

“…According to Chinese media outlet SINA on October 27, Jessica was spotted filming with Hong Kong-based actor William Chan. This is Jessica’s first acting gig since her drama “Wild Romance” in 2012.

(source: soompi)

The two began filming for the movie in Beijing recently. And apparently, Jessica has been putting in some serious work to get her Chinese lines right.


Now on to this EXO test question. I heard about this some months ago! Like last year I think… is this a new test question? Who knows. But I do know, it has resurfaced. A netizen created the post talking about the question saying that they didn’t get a 100 because of this question. And I mean seriously, if you have no interest in kpop, how would you know the answer?

The question:

The question is asking to add up all the numbers in the parentheses within the following passage , “In the year of (   ), group activities conducted by large managing agencies became prevalent. From (   ) generation idols, such as HOT, SES, and Fin.K.L to current day’s EXO (     people), these groups have defined the Korean Wave and stand as the representatives of K-POP.”

(source: soompi)

And since we know the number for EXO is still subject to change, is “technically 12 but now possibly 8 or 9” an acceptable answer? (Too soon?)

And finally the story I didn’t even really want to talk about but I couldn’t help it. It was pure irony!!! So a netizen had a camera at the 22nd Family Concert which featured Epik High, EXO, BoA, Red Velvet, hyukoh. During the concert, Tablo sprayed the crowd with water. The next thing that happens is one of those things that just seems to only happen in movies. This netizen took to social media to write a scathing response to the incident.

The fan, ‘A‘, wrote, “****, if you were going to spray water, you should’ve said it beforehand. I was just calmly watching the show when my head got wet with water; I was completely taken by surprise and turned on my camera, but it wouldn’t turn on, you crazy b*tch. Ugh, I’m so pissed, I don’t even know what curses to say.  ****, Tablo, take responsibility for my camera.  You sprayed the water so refreshingly that the sensor’s gone out – so ****** pissed off.”

(source: allkpop)

The story gets better… well at least for Tablo it does. Why? Because turns out, cameras weren’t even allowed at the event! And other netizens let this one fan know, they were completely wrong. Of course a retraction post followed with the fan apologizing and taking responsibility for their actions and understanding that had they been following directions the camera never would’ve been destroyed.

Welp! The moral of this story, always follow directions ladies and gents.

오는 (oneun) [Word of the Day]


I was still trying to figure out a theme for this week and then it hit me, why not focus on the Grammar of the Week post? After all, there will be an activity next week so why not add more verbs to make the activity easier? And so, that is what we’re doing today!

오는 (oneun) | “coming”; from the verb “오다 (o-da)” meaning “to come”.

Remember, this falls in with the Grammar of the Week which was discussing, “…are you doing?” ~는 거야? If you don’t remember, click here for a refresher.


  • 오는 거야? (oneun geoya?) | “Are you coming?”
  • 학교 오는 거야? (haggyo oneun geoya?) | “Are you coming to school?”
    • You can also use “가는 (ganeun)” meaning, “going” in this instance, and it’d probably be better to use. I just used 오는 for the purpose of an example. 

Ok so that’s it for today!