YG Entertainment | Releases Statement on “ONE” Joining iKON Rumor + iKON “Welcome Back” Tracklist

I’m not sure where this one got started or how it even got started but it’s really interesting that it would happen so quickly.

With the recent announcement that 1Punch had disbanded and ONE officially joined YG Entertainment, a new rumor has cropped up that he may also be joining iKON. YG has heard this as well and addressed it recently in a statement saying:

“iKON has already started their debut project and filmed their music video with seven members. There is no truth to claims of One joining iKON.”

(source: soompi)

And now that that rumor has been put to rest, we can turn our attention back to iKON’s debut album “Welcome Back”. The official tracklist has been released and it features two title tracks, “Rhythm Ta” and “Airplane” which were composed by P.K, B.I and Koo Junhoe.

The half-debut will be released October 1st and the full album will be released November 2nd.


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