“VIVID” | Ailee Releases First Full Length Album

I’m truly ecstatic to be saying this! Ailee is not only making a comeback but she is also releasing her first full studio album! It was officially announced recently that she had been working on a comeback but an injury caused a slight setback. Now, she’s back and has worked harder than ever to release this.

A teaser photo was released on her instagram earlier with the message: “9/30 my first full length album ‘VIVID’ is finally dropping!! Get ready to show some love!!” 

Are you excited for Ailee’s comeback?

[] 오는 9월 30 일, 에일리의 첫번째 정규앨범 “VIVID”가 발표됩니다. 더 강렬해진 에일리의 음악을 기대해주세요!!

[rough translation] “September 30, Lee’s first album “VIVID” will be released. Please look forward to more music from Ailee!”


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