Back-to-Basics |-아/어 야 되다/하다 (HAVE TO, SHOULD, MUST) PT. 3 [Grammar of the Week]

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

Ok so today is the continuation of last week. After looking at it, this will probably be a lesson I may refer back to later to do a quick notes on it but for now this is just the basics of it. I just want you guys to be familiar with this but you don’t necessarily have to know how to use it yet especially if you’re just beginning. I’ve been learning Korean for about a year now so I know it’s a process and some things are even a bit complicated for me to understand. But like I’ve said before, we’re all learning together!

Quick review:

아/어 야 하다 (a/eo ya hada) are endings and they mean, “have to, should, must”. But I forgot one: 되다.

  • verb stems ending in vowels ㅏ or  ㅗ
    • -아야 되다/하다
  • verb stems ending in other vowels
    • -어야 되다/하다
  • if you’re using 하
    • -여야 되다/하다


  1. 가다 (to go)
    1. 가 + -아야 되다/하다 = 가야 해요 -or- 가야 돼요
    2. “I have to go”/ “I must  go”
  2. 먹다 (to eat)
    1. 먹 + -어야 되다/하다 = 먹어야 해요 -or- 먹어야 돼요
    2. “I have to eat”/ “I must eat”
  3. 말하다 (to speak)
    1. 말하 + -여야 되다/하다 = 말하여야 해요 -or- 말하여야 돼요
    2. “I have to say/speak” -or- “I must say/speak”

Remember, the only difference between using 되다/하다 is colloquialism, meaning one is used more often and said in daily conversations more than the other. And the one used more often is 되다. You can still use both.

I said I was going to do an activity but I do think this will be enough for today. It’s honestly just a bit much to process. There will be an activity next week just to take a breather. It’ll be a matching game like last time but this time it’s for the months of the year. So study up on it!


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