The 5 Show | Jessica Jung Appearance on Singapore Show [video]

It was so nice to see Jessica in such a toned-down, down-to-earth, relaxed setting. I don’t know if “The 5 Show” is called a “talk-show” in Singapore but that’s what I thought it was.

She sat down to talk about her time in Singapore but also her fashion line, BLANC & ECLARE. She talked about her inspiration behind the line and why she chose to name it that. I thought the meaning behind BLANC & ECLARE was pretty creative. I honestly thought she got the idea from the the French dessert!

What does BLANC & ECLARE mean?

“Well BLANC, as you know means “white” and ECLARE comes from the latin root word “clara” and it means “clarity and brightness”. So it’s “white, clear and brightness” because our aesthetic is water and classic… classic and basic.”

I guess no desserts were harmed in the making of this product. She was asked about her line now being sold in Surrender as well. Surrender is one Singapore’s clothing stores and from what I understand, it’s a pretty big deal. Turns out, Jessica was actually a consumer of the brand and store before she even made her line. She loved the store so much, she wanted to see her own line in there. Thus, the collaboration was sparked.

As the interview continues, she talks more about her future in fashion, her denim line and her future goals. I cover everything but I think you probably want to hear it yourself.

I thought it was a really enlightening interview and really gave us a chance to see Jessica Jung, the fashion designer. It’s totally official!

If you haven’t see it yet, check it out below!


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