TASTY | Seeks Legal Action Against SM C&C

When I originally saw this earlier today, I honestly was not surprised. TASTY has been going back and forth with their agency for a few months now. I figured it was only a matter of time before they filed an official lawsuit to nullify their contracts.

TASTY, a Chinese-Korean group consisting of twin brothers Daeryong and Soryong, has recently expressed that they would be leaving their agency Woollim Entertainment despite not having the consent of the agency to do so. SM C&C, the mother company of Woollim, is now involved in a lawsuit with the members of the group.

(source:: koreaboo)

Back in July, both sides released statements expressing their discontent with each other. TASTY said that they no longer wanted to be signed with Woollim Entertainment and sought a nullification. But Woollim responded by saying there wouldn’t be one and that they were still required to promote and release new music under their agency.

I wonder if this will be similar to previous situations with groups wanting out of their contracts to pursue other avenues. I hope they don’t drag this out. I do believe that Woollim should’ve let them go when they asked a few months ago but of course it’s a bit too late now.

And so it begins...


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