Day6 | “Congratulations” Video Removed and Re-Uploaded + JYP Unusual Marketing Strategy

First, let’s start by saying, to all the fans who noticed this video was taken down, it was done allegedly due to hacking. I don’t know all the details but that’s what JYP and Junhyeok are saying. Junhyeok actually mentioned this as a possibility on his instagram account. But it’s back now! So if you want their views to get back up, go watch it and share it!

But why has there been so little promotion surrounding Day6? JYP said, they are trying a different approach to marketing this band.

DAY6 is a group that is different from other groups. Since they do band music, more than anything, their talent and skills are important. We’ve prepared a system where the members start from the very bottom and work their way up. In the end, the goal is to receive recognition as the band DAY6 through their talent.”

(source: allkpop)

I actually like that idea. But I’ll tell you why. They aren’t like the typical kpop group, they are an actually band. For them to become well-respected and popular in their genre, you have to go about it a different way. If you hype them up too much then they look like another cookie-cutter bubble gum pop group. But if you don’t hype them enough, people will forget about them. It’s easier to do it in a low-key fashion and let it spread by word of mouth.

Plenty of bands were able to become really big behind that type of marketing strategy and they lasted a long time. However, Day6 has nothing to worry about. They already have a huge fan-base and with the recent video hacking, they’re going to go even more viral.

What do you think? Marketing fail or “mad genius” strategy?

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