Yoon Eun-hye Accused of Plagiarism for “The Goddesses’ New Outfit” Design

Actress Yoon Eun-hye is in a bit of hot water after her appearance on “The Goddesses’ New Outfit”. It’s a fashion competition show that aired back in August. Apparently, the winning design was a dressed that the actress was said to have designed herself. It was a white jacket with ruffles on it. Though she said she was inspired by the movie, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, it was coincidentally very similar to something designed by Korean designer Yoon Choon-ho.

Yoon Choon-ho caught wind of the design from a buyer who got in contact with him after seeing the show. He released the following statement to his Facebook.

“We provided our clothes to the stylist and the actress often wears them. I am pretty sure they copied my design,” the designer wrote on Facebook. The designer Yoon said he came to know the actress’s design when his Chinese buyer contacted him after watching the show.

 (source: KoreaTimes)
I will say that after seeing both of them they do look pretty similar.

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