Back-to-Basics | Link Back to Previous Lesson + Activity: “Fruits/Veggies Matching Game” [Grammar of the Week]

안녕하세요! (annyeonghaseyo!)

I’ve decided to link back to previous Grammar posts since I’ve gotten a bit ahead of myself. I decided to do a throwback theme. This week, the throwback lesson is: 아/어 야 하다 (HAVE TO, SHOULD, MUST) PT. 1 it says “part 1” but I’m actually go to go into more detail on this next week before continuing. So stay tuned!

Today, for the activity, we’re going to do a bit of vocabulary. It’s fruits and vegetables. And it’s a matching game! The words will be in Korean and English. Match the correct words to test your “fruits/veggies” knowledge!

A) 체리
B) 사과
C) 감자
D) 콩
E) 옥수수
F) 레몬
G) 파인애플

Fruits & Vegetables
1) Pineapple
2) Corn
3) Cherry
4) Potato
5) Lemon
6) Beans
7) Apple

Ok so match the letters to the correct English number! For example:

A) 수박 (su-bak) = 1. Watermelon

I’ll give the answers tomorrow! Try not to use any translation software this is just to help you build up your vocabulary and you’ll be surprised by how much you know without it!


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