EXO | Netizen Apologizes for Rumors Regarding Suho’s Father

I saw this yesterday and I was just so completely baffled by this strange turn of events that I just left it alone altogether. But it’s a bit stuck in mind head now so I figured I’d talk about it here. It was reported some months ago (back in like 2014), that EXO’s Suho’s father Professor Kim Yong Ha of Soonchunhyang University wanted a cyber investigation to be conducted after it was being circulated that he was a member of the New Right movement and a Chinilpa. He wanted to be able to sue whoever began the rumors and put a stop to them completely.

But with it being the internet and people being able to be whoever they want to be online, it was difficult to point out directly who the person was. Until now. Now that person has decided to apologize for all the damage he/she caused.

I’ll post a snippet here but click the link to see the full length apology.

“I acknowledge that I have defamed the mister and his son through the circulation of a false accusation; hence I now write a letter of apology and post the letter of apology [where the original rumor was written] to spread awareness of my wrongdoing and straighten out the truth…I had randomly edited inaccurate words that had been posted on the internet to claim that the mister leaned towards being pro-Japanese so, as a result, his son should not come out on broadcasts…”

(source: allkpop

Though they still have yet to determine who this person is, it’s fair to say, that even with this apology, the investigation might not be over.


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