MyB | Netizens Find Similarities with New Rookie Group and Red Velvet

Ok, so we’ve heard this story a lot before. The new group comes out with these cute style and then we see that the style is oddly similar to another established group. A lot of times new groups will look to other groups for inspiration. However, netizens have been looking at MyB and saying, they’re going a bit too far. With the hair color and style, isn’t that a bit much?

MyB, for those of you who haven’t heard, is a new rookie group that recently made their debut with the song, “MY OH MY”.

All fans, however, haven’t been saying that the groups are that similar. Personally, I thought they reminded me a bit more of Apink. (Not saying they copied Apink!) I checked out the comments in the Youtube section for the video and they look a little different than what was originally flying around.

“I don’t think they’re copying/imitating Red Velvet, it’s not like RV invented this look/concept, it’s not unusual for groups to wear similar clothing/looks.”

“i don’t even know if netizens are in their right mind these days, these girls may have the same colorful and happy concept but they seem more like a dance group, and speaking of that I LOVE THEIR DANCE BREAK jookyung is my fave <3”

Of course, it is still pretty divided there too. But check it out for yourselves. Are the Red Velvet look-a-likes?


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