Artist(s) of the Week:: Ladies’ Code

Each week, I try to find an artist to feature whom I either just heard about or have been listening to for a while and I love that particular artist’s unique sound. At times, it’ll be a group that I feature as well, but this particular series has always held a special place in my heart. It’s about exposure, spreading music and sharing a piece of something that I love with each and every one of you. But this week was a bit of a struggle and I ended up delaying it to today.

I saw as a headline: “Ladies’ Code Performances to EunB and RiSe” and my whole heart, not only melted but it dropped at the same time. It’s so incredibly emotional, moving, powerful and beautiful to see these three ladies, Ashley, Sojung and Zuny, standing together and performing together on stage for the first time since the accident. There was no way I could not make them my Artists of the Week.

Ladies’ Code began as a group of 5 members, EunB, RiSe, Ashley, Sojung and Zuny in 2013 debuting with Polaris Entertainment. Their debut mini-album was called Code#01 with the single, “Bad Girl”. Since then, they went on to release “Hate You”, “So Wonderful”,  “Kiss Kiss”, and a second mini-album, Code#02 Pretty Pretty. The ladies were on an upward journey until September 3, 2014. A tragic accident took the lives of both EunB and RiSe. Prior to this week, Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny, remained out of the public eye to rehabilitate and to recuperate from the loss of their fellow group members and friends. Many people wondered if the group would even make a comeback again. Until this week. They stood together on stage in Japan performing for their fans, as a tribute, with the I’m Fine, Thank You: RiSe & EunB Memorial Concert. Though it is not 100% certain whether or not they will in fact make an official comeback, for now, they want everyone to know that they are in fact fine. They took to the stage to thank their fans for all their support and well-wishes and performed a special song for RiSe and EunB.

So this week goes to Ladies’ Code. It surely was nice to see them on stage performing again even if it was for a short while.


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