BIGBANG | “MADE” Album Delayed

YG has decided to delay the release of “MADE”. So instead of the September 1st release we were waiting for, it will be pushed back. At first when I heard this, I got a little sad. I was thinking from the fan standpoint. “We’ve been waiting for soooooooo long!” And then, that other part of me kicked in. The part that remembers that these artists are people too. And after that, the news didn’t seem so bad.

The official statement:

“In a statement released by the agency on August 18th, it was decided that after promoting continuously for the past four months, BIGBANG will be taking a break in order to recharge…the upcoming release will be their full-length album, it was explained that the break was needed to add a new track and improve their album.”

(source:: koreaboo)

Let’s factor in everything BIGBANG has been doing up to this point. They’ve been performing their MADE concert, fan meetings, variety shows and appearances. And they’ve had to do this every month since the release of MADE Series: A. I think I’d need time to recharge too.

The album is going to be released. My guess is late September, early October. But who knows, it could very well be in November. But it’ll have a new song (maybe more than one) and it’ll be amazing regardless!



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