Tao | Regrets Comments Made about Wu Yifan

Now that the dust is beginning to settle and it’s truly setting in that Tao is no longer with EXO. Many fans have been still reminding Tao of his past comments about when Wu Yifan left. And unbeknownst to the fans, Tao has been quietly regretting that moment.

In a recent interview, Tao acknowledged how he was too “impulsive” and just reacted to the news of Wu Yifan’s departure after finding out on the news. He said that the two were “close like brothers” and he was honestly hurt that Yifan wouldn’t tell him first before he found out the way he did. Looking back, he said he wishes he had been more understanding.

“What I did to Wu Yifan. If it were the me now back then, I would have surely supported him. I don’t even know if he will forgive me now.”

(source: koreaboo)

When asked more on how it felt to officially part ways with SM, Tao says:

Sina: “This April you decided to leave EXO and terminate with SM Entertainment. Were you worried? Because when Wu Yifan and Luhan left you did indeed accuse them of being “betrayers,” you weren’t afraid of fans saying you were “hitting yourself in the face”?
Z.Tao: “There would of course be fans who say negative things, but once I made this first step I had no regrets. The me back then was really impulsive and probably said and done things I should not have. The me now is regretful, I will grow and learn not to make those mistakes again. To be honest back then with Wu Yifan, the reason is personal as well. Back in EXO, I was closest to Wu Yifan but I did not know why he left. I did not know he left until I woke up and saw the news so I said those things out of impulse. He really was a good brother and friend to me but he did not tell me. At that time, I wrote down everything from our training together to debut.

(source: koreaboo)

I have to say, I am growing more and more of a soft spot for Tao. I was never really mad at him for leaving EXO or SM Entertainment. I applauded him for taking a step in his career that was necessary to take. The reality is, even though we get “close” to these idols and grow some sort of attachment to them, this is still a business. Tao made a business decision and unfortunately it become personal in the eyes of the fans.

And it is good thing that he says he learned from his actions and won’t be so quick to speak before thinking. He’s maturing and he’s growing up and to me, that’s worth supporting his new journey.

Check out the interview (video) here at ent.sina.com and for a full translation click here at onehallyu.com


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