Jessica Jung | Officially Leaves SM Entertainment + Releases Statement on Solo Activities

I’m going to be honest here and say that I really thought Jessica had already left SM Entertainment. I didn’t know she was still signed there. Whoops!

Well, it seems that it is official-official. She’s no longer under SM Entertainment and she’s now looking for a new agency.

SM Entertainment

“After discussion with Jessica, who has been an artist managed by SM Entertainment, we decided to go separate ways for each other’s progress.” They added, “Please cheer on Jessica, who will be starting anew going forward.”

Jessica Jung

Greetings from Jessica Jung. This release is to confirm that SM Entertainment (“SM”) and I have officially parted ways. I will cherish the many years we spent and I wish SM the best of luck in all of its endeavors.

And to my dear fans, thank you for all your unconditional support and love. I’ll work diligently to give you what you’ve been waiting for – stay tuned for the next chapter. 


But even with leaving, there’s now a lot of speculation from fans that she’s going to pursue a solo album or some type of solo activities in China. Which her reps want everyone to know, it’s actually not true. They released a statement saying that the claims are entirely false.

“She still has no plans related to an album. She went to a friend’s studio for fun, but there was absolutely no talk about an album.”


Even the composer, Gentlemen, she’s allegedly working with said that it wasn’t true. Gentlemen says, she was only recording for fun. Yes, Jessica is on her own but that doesn’t mean she’s 100% decided on returning to music. For now, all that we know for certain is that she is still working on her fashion line with BLANC&ECLARE and she’s now looking for a new agency.

Jessica, Fighting!


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