YG Entertainment | CEO Yang Hyun Suk Missed 2NE1 + Thoughts on BIGBANG

This season truly has been the “Battle of the Girl Groups” and it was soooo exciting! Wonder Girls made an epic and unexpected comeback, Girls’ Generation “re-debuted” as an 8 member group, Apink, G-Friend, miss A all made a comeback, and those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. It’s been really really exciting to watch.

And CEO Yang Hyun Suk thinks so too. But watching all this has made him miss 2NE1. In a recent interview, he addressed his feelings on a possible comeback after CL’s debut in America.

“As I watch the battle between so many girl groups lately, I think to myself that I want to hear a song by 2NE1…The reason is that there are not many groups who make music with the same amount of personality as 2NE1. CL‘s solo debut in America is coming up soon, and I think that if CL succeeds, it will have a good influence on 2NE1′s comeback as well.”

(source: soompi.com)

Of course, this isn’t excluding WINNER or iKON. CEO Yang Hyun Suk made it clear that their comebacks are definitely in the making. WINNER’s will be soon so be on the lookout.

And then there’s the discussion of BIGBANG. They will have to make a decision soon as contract expiration dates are approaching for them. But he said, he’s ok with it regardless of what they decide to do. And then there was that issue with T.O.P who made some kinda questionable comments on re-signing. But CEO Yang Hyun Suk is not worried.

“It was probably because it was a variety show and he wanted to be funny. The BIGBANG members grew up in the YG system. I really like them a lot… I’ve been with BIGBANG for over 10 years, and they’re like family… I don’t think there will be much objection [to a contract renewal]… Even if BIGBANG does decide to leave YG, I will help them… What I want most from BIGBANG is that they stay together.”

(source: soompi.com)

I agree with him. I really do hope that regardless of what they decide, they stick together. Although, I can’t see them separating or leaving YG anytime soon. Even with their different solo careers, they’re still pretty close and I like how well CEO Yang Hyun Suk takes care of them and cares about their careers and independence.

Check out the links to see more on his interview and what he has to say about WINNER and iKON.


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