Unpretty Rapstar | Wonder Girls’ Yubin and SISTAR’s Hyorin Not On The Show

There were a lot of rumors going around and with the rumors came a swirl of confusion. I decided to wait on this until I saw something official. In the beginning, the thing that was going around was that both Wonder Girls’ Yubin and SISTAR’s Hyorin were going to be part of the upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, when these rumors were going around, many fans were actually really upset that Hyorin was picked. They couldn’t understand why she would be chosen over Bora, who is the rapper in SISTAR. It made people feel as if there was some sort of favoritism to have picked Hyorin instead.


After reports confirming the two stars’ appearances were revealed, a representative of the show denied the reports to news outlet OSEN. They stated, “There are no confirmed members. We haven’t filmed yet. ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2′ is planned to air in September, so we plan on starting filming during the middle or end of August. Producers will reveal the cast members around that time.”

(source: soompi.com)

I guess it’s also a good thing for them to have mentioned that they haven’t picked anyone yet. I don’t know if anyone from Wonder Girls or SISTAR will be picked yet but I do know, whatever the decision, there will be some upset people regardless.


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