Wonder Girls | Talk About Sunye and Sohee + “I Feel You” Official Video Release

The ladies of the Wonder Girls have been extremely busy this week with promotions and photoshoots and getting fans ready to experience the new band experience. The new album REBOOT was released today and as soon as it dropped, it received an all-kill chart toppings in less than 90 minutes. Extremely impressive!

But leading up to this moment, many fans had even wondered if there was a possible disbandment after it was announced that Sunye and Sohee were not coming back and that the group on gone on hiatus. But the ladies were reported as saying, they didn’t even notice. They ladies always kept in contact with each other.

Even now, today as REBOOT is at the top of the charts, they say they’re still just as close.

“We even talked with Sunye and Sohee today, ” Yeeun said. “Just a bit ago, they texted saying that they are more nervous [than we are] and are half excited, half scared. They said that they’ll be looking on so don’t get nervous.”

(source: soompi.com)

And apparently they also have been stopping by the studio as well. It’s good to see how supportive they all are and how they’re all rooting for each other.

If you haven’t seen “I Feel You” yet, check it out below!


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