B.A.P | Returned to TS Entertainment + Netizen Reactions

I have to say that when I saw this from TS Entertainment:

“…Firstly, we would like to apologize again for causing concern to everyone due to the unexpected occurrences within the past few months. No matter what the reason is, we fully recognize that this long process has been a painful one for the B.A.P members, their parents, and the fans who have always been the main source of unwavering support to the group, and promise that we will make our earnest effort to create B.A.P’s bright future… We highly thank the fans, who have patiently waited for B.A.P’s return, and those who have supported us with your unwavering trust…”

(source: koreaboo.com)

I was indeed… shocked! After months of fighting in court about the infamous “slave contract”, I just knew it was done deal for TS and B.A.P I guess this was a lesson for me to wait until it plays all the way out and the dust settles. (Everyone isn’t involved in situations *ahem*Ent&Friends, no shade and no fan wars.)

But I wasn’t the only one who had a bit of concern and kinda questioned what was really going on. I mean, it’s not really a normal situation to leave and then come back after making such a dramatic exit. Netizens have since taken to social media to express themselves the way they do best. I’ll only post a couple.

[ +2240 / -52] To be honest it is kind of iffy that B.A.P is going back to the company they lost trust in. Did they figure out their money distribution problems? I thought that it would be better if B.A.P went into a better company.

[ +1131 / -49] Hul… B.A.P was great.. I’m glad they figured it out.

(source: koreaboo.com)

Here’s what I think, (that’s more in line with that last comment) I think TS may have realized that they were being a bit unreasonable with B.A.P and decided to change some of their requirements in that contract. And after changes were made, B.A.P came home, so to speak.

Well, whatever the case, BABY should be really happy to see that their fandom is in tact and new music is potentially on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “B.A.P | Returned to TS Entertainment + Netizen Reactions”

  1. I actually totally agree on your thoughts on it. I think the same. I think that BAP came back because TS realised and I am so glad BAP is up and running again since they were a really strong dancing and vocalist group x Daehyun is my bias and I hope that TS settles it this time. I don’t really want BAP on a hiatus for a long time. I’d miss their Music so badly x

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