Artist of the Week:: Lee Michelle (이미쉘)

It’s something about stories that pull on your heart strings that have been massively appealing to me. I say that because the Artist I’m featuring this week has a story that is truly incredible. This was a request post. I didn’t know really anything about this artist before until I did some research on her but I’m glad I finally was introduced to her music and now I can follow her journey.

Lee Michelle (이미쉘) began as a contestant on K-pop Star Season 1 in 2011. It was there that she officially signed with YG Entertainment with her new group, SuPearls. Unfortunately, after a year or so of training, the group disbanded and Michelle went solo. But even solo, she was never really given the opportunity to debut. There were a lot of rumors as to why she didn’t debut but nothing that was concrete. Now in 2015, after the release of “Without You” and “That’s Ok”, she is finally able to make that debut with the release of her new mini-album, “I Can Sing”.

What I particularly like about her is, she’s not only a singer but she’s what I like to call a “messenger”. The music she chooses to sing identifies with struggles that she’s dealt with personally, such as being bullied for having a biracial background with a Black father and a Korean mother, but also with her own personal identity crisis. She struggled with finding her own place in a world that was not as accepting of her as it should’ve been. The messages of her song have a powerful resounding message that say in short, “I’ve been there and I can tell you it gets better”.

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책상 (chaegsang) [Word of the Day] + Back to Basics “Issda/Isseyo” (Grammar of the Week link)

Grammar of the Week:: Back to Basics | The verb Issda + using “isseoyo” part 1 and part 2

Last week, I gave some math problems to solve. Well here are the answers!

  1. 일 (il) + 팔 (pal) = 구 (gu) (1+8= 9)
  2. 삼 (sam) + 육 (yuk) = 구 (gu) (3+6= 9)
  3. 이 (i) + 사 (sa) = 육 (yuk) (2+4= 6)
  4. 구 (gu) + 오 (o) = 십사 (shipsa) (9+5 = 14)
  5. 칠 (chil) + 십 (ship) = 십칠 (sibchil)  (7+10 = 17)

How did you do? I think I’ll do more activities like this on Thursdays just to keep things interesting. Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful for you.

This week, we’re starting a new theme, “Items”. It won’t be as long as body parts. 

The word today is 책상 (chaegsang) = desk


  • 나는 책상에 내 책을 잊었다. (naneun chaegsang-e nae chaeg-eul ij-eossda.) = “I left/forgot my book on my desk.”
  • 이것은 내 책상입니다. (igeos-eun nae chaegsang-ibnida.) = “This is my desk.”
  • 그녀의 책상에 종이입니다? (geunyeoui chaegsang-e jongiibnida?) = “Is the paper on her desk?”

So that’s it for today!

-내일까지! (naeilkkaji!)

Unpretty Rapstar 2 | Gilme and An Soo Min Promo Videos

From the teaser videos that have been released so far, we’re only getting a real small taste of what these ladies have to offer. I’ve been seeing comments where people have already begun making judgments. However, let’s wait until the show.

Besides, right now it’s looking like it’s going to be a really intense lyrical battle, potentially, on the show.

If you haven’t seen the new teasers check them out below!

And if you didn’t see Nasty, Heize, or Truedy’s promos, the video below has all three combined!