2NE1 vs Taylor Swift | Copying or Nah? [The Story Continues]

Well that spread a lot faster than I thought it would…

The ongoing debate about whether or not Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” MV ripped off 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” has finally reached international media with an article published over at Jezebel, Daily Mail, and bustle, Mirror… just to name a few, all asking the same question, well did it?

Director Joseph Kahn of Swift’s video took to twitter and clarified these accusations. I’ll only post a few posts from his overall rant but you kinda get the point. He’s irritated that the topic was even brought up in the first place. The fact that he’s Korean has nothing to do with whether or not he would know anything about kpop so I don’t know why that was even brought up at all.

But I’ll let him speak for himself.

Writer of JEZEBEL accused me of ripping off a Korean music video because I was “born in South Korea.” WHAT THE ####. Really????

I said from the beginning that I saw movie references and not necessarily outright plagiarism. But they do look similar in a lot of ways. So for that reason I can understand why many would think he did copy the video. I don’t know how long this fight will go on. While he does have people standing up for him, there are the many who will not go down easy calling him a “copycat”, “unoriginal”, the list goes on. I think at this point it’s pretty much over, at least for now. Unless now they got… “Bad Blood”. (Cheesy I know but I couldn’t resist!)


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