Jessica Jung | Netizen Accuse Now-Deleted Instagram Post of Dissing Taeyeon

Just when SONES had calmed down… 

I heard about this and I didn’t see the post on her instagram. (I actually follow her on instagram so I don’t know how I missed that post!) But basically it was a picture that has since been deleted with her standing off to the side and the caption read something to the effect of “what goes around comes around”.

Now netizens are thinking she meant that as an attack against Taeyeon, who is currently in the process suing malicious netizens over constant attacks towards her online. Though I honestly don’t think it was meant in that way, I can understand why she took the post down. Too much division when she’s trying to move forward with her life so I completely understand. Fans have even flooded her most recent photo [below] with words of encouragement to discredit those who have been on the defense over the the now deleted post.

What do you guys think?

Comfy Tuesday afternoon🍃

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