Wonder Girls | Sunye and Sohee Officially Depart with Statements + Sunmi On Bass in New Teaser

This has been an interesting time for the Wonder Girls fandom. They made the shocking announcement that they would in fact be making a comeback and that they would comeback as a band. But not before dropping the bombshell that we all feared was coming, every member would not be returning. Sunye and Sohee have officially announced, they will not come back.

JYP Entertainment released this statement:

“Sunye wants now to devote her life to her family, whereas Sohee will focus on her career as an actress.”

(See more here at AsiaOne.com)

The ladies also decided to leave parting letters to the fans. I’ll post a snippet of the letters but at the bottom of the excerpt there’s a link where you can see the full letters.

Sunye’s Letter (Snippet View)

“This is probably the last time for me as Wonder Girls’ member to post a message here. Looking back over the past eight years, there are uncountable things I feel grateful for. Later in the future, when I recall the times and memories with you, I will certainly feel overwhelmingly gracious, since I can never be able to return the love you have given me. I understand you have so much to say and ask, but I have nothing but gratitude after eight years with my fans… Please support the rest of the group members as well… From now on, I will devote my life as a mom and also as a wife…”

Sohee’s letter (Snippet View)

Hello, everyone. This is Ahn Sohee.

“After the news release of Wonder Girls’ return, I heard that many people were curious about my future course of action… Amid mounting concerns, I thought it would be more appropriate to confirm my position and let you know that I have now left the group… I had many thoughts and talked it through with other members, but I decided it would hurt Wonder Girls if I dabble in both singing and acting…I promise I will live up to your expectations as an actress.”

(See more here at AsiaOne.com)

Both of their letters were truly touching and beautiful and I know they will be rooting on Wonder Girls as they prepare for this comeback.

Speaking of Comeback! Check out the new teaser release video featuring Sunmi on bass as a guitarist!


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