NS Yoon-G Fighting Back | Accused of Faking Academic Background

Lately, many idols, artists, and actors have been taking a stand against netizens’ personal attacks on social media. The latest to do this is NS Yoon-G. It’s no secret that NS Yoon-G has said that she attended UCLA before debuting as in Korea. However, one netizen on twitter doesn’t seem to believe she’s being truthful.

@ns_yoonji In order for all your hard work to not become ashes. I hope you list the correct academic background (on your profile). So that you won’t have to regret anything in the future

(source: twitter/koreaboo.com)

NS Yoon-G’s response?

“I have never lied about my academic background. Like it says on the profile, I have attended University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) before coming out to Korea to debut as an artist. Don’t leave these kind of comments.”

(check out the full article here at koreaboo.com)

It’s good to see these artists standing up for themselves and refusing to be bullied. Many people would say that there’s no reason for them to get involved or to say anything at all but why not? This is their life that is being discussed and their feelings as well.

Besides, she just released a new song. Can’t we talk about that instead?


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