Clara Cleared All Blackmail Charges + Deciding to “Lay Low” for a while

I can honestly say, I didn’t see this coming. It seemed like all the evidence was set, the stars had aligned in Polaris’ favor, and the court was going to prosecute Clara for everything wrong in this situation.  If you’ll recall, Clara’s claims were that she wasn’t blackmailing him, she was actually “sexually humiliated and wanted her contract to be terminated”. And based on the text messages, conversations, photos, and everything else CEO Lee Kyu Tae was claiming, it almost looked like Clara was lying.

But instead, they sided with her?

“We don’t think that her claims of feeling sexually humiliated are exaggerated or are of ill-intention. We also don’t think that telling the CEO that she’ll report him to the police is an expression that has crossed any boundaries [cannot be considered blackmail or threat].”

(check out the full article here at

With this now behind her, Clara has decided her time in the spotlight needs a break. She needs a break.

A representative from Clara’s side told Newsen via phone call earlier today, “We don’t want to say anything about the court’s decision. I think we should see how thing progress until the whole situation dies down completely. Right now Clara is spending her time cut off from the world. We’re not in any situation to reveal anything about [Clara’s] future activities,” explaining the actress’s plans to lie low for the moment. The rep further disclosed, “After Clara was cleared of suspicions of blackmail, her father and mother shed tears [of joy]. It wasn’t only Clara but also her parents that suffered emotionally.”

(check out the full article here at

I’m actually really glad this is over and she got the justice she deserved. A while back I didn’t know what to think so I tried to stay as neutral as possible. (And I truly hope I did.) Now that this is cleared up I hope she gets the much needed rest and recuperation she deserves.


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