EXO News | Tao’s New Release Divides Netizens + Chanyeol to Compose Theme Song

I’ll start with the nice and sweet news. Chanyeol has agreed to compose a theme song for Lee Kuk Ju’s radio show. Back in April, Chanyeol was a guest on “Lee Kuk Ju’s Young Street” and was interested in the current theme song of the show at that time. After listening to it, he said:

 “These days I’m studying [music] composition and I want to try making a logo song sometime soon,” expressing his wish to prove his skills in song composition. DJ Lee Kuk Ju, who could see the singer’s enthusiasm told him, “Then make our theme song,” much to Chanyeol’s delight. He promised her, “I will make it soon and present it to you.”

(check out the full story here at allkpop.com)

Apparently he wasn’t kidding around. He really meant what he said and he’s been working on the theme song ever since. The official debut of the song will be July 15th. I personally can’t wait to hear it!

Now for the Tao news that has netizens all over divided.

Tao hasn’t been officially removed from EXO, however, remember a little while ago when Tao’s father came to get him and pleaded with SM to let him get his son because he was injured and needed rest and treatment? Well, apparently they did let him leave and he didn’t promote with EXO for their new release “Love Me Right”. Now Tao is back in the news because, he’s releasing a solo album.

He released a teaser photo and this on his weibo account:

“On July 23, Z.TAO will announce his first mini album as a solo artist, marking his official comeback,” and unveiled a new teaser image.

(check out the full story here at allkpop.com)

Now netizens are divided. The comments are ranging from support to down right anger and aggression. Many commenting on the fact that he was hurt and now all of a sudden he’s well enough to perform and work solo. Others calling him “fake” and a “traitor”. And then there are others saying that it’s good for him and fans should support him. This is really trickling from Tao’s comment he made about not leaving EXO.

I don’t know what’s going on in the SM world but I do know this, it’s kinda time they release that official statement.


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