Block B’s Zico | Accident + Remains Judge on “Show Me The Money 4”

Last week Block B’s Zico and his manager were involved in an accident. Though nobody was reportedly seriously injured from the crash, it was something the could’ve been prevented. As the report goes, he and his manager were leaving a birthday party when the accident occurred. Zico’s manager, who was the driver, was reportedly drunk driving. His agency later went on to release the following statement:

“Zico is very sorry and regrets that he failed to realize his manager was driving while drunk.”

(source: koreaboo)

After the accident, many fans began to speculate whether or not Zico would remain one of the judges on Show Me The Money 4 and CJ E&M officials are here to let everyone know, he will remain a judge.

“He [Zico] is in a state of deep reflection and is remorseful about the incident. He will be more careful but will continue to be active in the program.”

(check out the full story here at


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