JYP Entertainment Releases Statement “SIXTEEN” Selection

The official announcement of the final member selection for SIXTEEN has caused a bit of controversy. Nobody was expecting for Momo to be added to Twice. There was a lot of confusion and the searches for Momo and SIXTEEN were top trending topics on twitter.

But JYP is here to clear up any confusion, anger… whatever feelings anyone may have about it.

“…The final member selection criteria of the program were carried out through missions shown to viewers, and the JYP staff, viewer votes, and the audience’s votes overall was used to select the members. Even before the final episode, it was already decided that the seven members would be elected through a selection process but the thought that it may leave some regrets, one member was chosen solely by viewers’ voting (Tzuyu) and another was chosen by J.Y. Park PD (Momo)…”

(click here to see the full statement on koreaboo.com)

The video below is the whole episode.

(see the selection at 1:02:32 mark)


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