The “Mille-Feuille” French Dessert on “Wook’s Food Odyssey”

I absolutely positively loooooooooove this show! Almost as much as I love “Beauty Bible”! It’s a cooking show with a back story. They not only show you how to cook the different types of foods but they talk about the food and what goes in it and where it comes from and everything. It’s kinda like, a documentary for the food. So if you’re a foodie like me, you should really check this show out!

I picked this video because I’m huge pastry fan.. well desserts in general. If I go to a restaurant, I’m always scouting out the dessert menu first. Even if I don’t order desserts, I have to see what they have. It’s a habit. Probably a bad one. But I can’t help myself!

This particular pastry, the “Mille-Feuille” looks actually really easy to make. Though I don’t know if I could do it without help, it’s fun to watch. Maybe one day I’ll try this out.


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