Show Me The Money 4 | VIXX’s Ravi Responds to “diss” Allegations

This is pretty much re-hashed old news. But I figured it would come back up when I heard about Ravi being on the show. So here’s what happened. Apparently, he was asked by Jay Park about that “diss track” by saying “I heard you dissed Bobby”. To which Ravi said:

It wasn’t so much a diss, but Bobby had written lyrics that aimed at our group, so I came up with a track that was in response to that.

At the time, among boy group rappers, I was the only one doing the ‘clock dance’ and rapping about the topic of time. So who else could he have been talking about, if not me?” 

(click here to see the full article on

Now we know that during Bobby’s rap, he mentions that “clock dance” but according to other netizens, other people were doing a similar thing at that too. Was Ravi just being vain and thinking Bobby was talking about him? Or was Bobby really talking about him? I don’ think we’ll ever get the full 100% story behind this one.

Check out the clip below to hear his audition on Show Me the Money 4!


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