f(x) Victoria Won’t Attend SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo + Sulli’s Group Status Still Uncertain

I’m sure by now the rumor has spread about the departure of Sulli from f(x). Many people are still speculating that with no word from SM Entertainment and with Amber and Super Junior’s Heechul unfollowing her instagram, it’s safe to say she’s gone. Though I don’t believe those are sure fire signs that the rumor is true, it isn’t really helping much right now either. I’ll still be waiting on an official statement from SM before I validate that rumor.

But it seems that f(x)’s troubles don’t stop there. It seems that Victoria won’t be attending SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo because she has some health problems right now.

In the announcement released by the agency, Victoria’s health condition has been cited as the primary reason for the upcoming absence. However, no further details have been released in regards to the idol’s health.

(check out the full article here at koreaboo.com)

They don’t mention whether or not these are serious or not, but the fact that she won’t be in attendance means that there may only be 3 member of f(x) performing. This is assuming that Sulli will not be there to perform as well and even though I haven’t heard anything official about it yet, I can’t imagine that she’d be there without them making some announcement. Or maybe she will be.

SM really has a lot of problems going on right now.


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