Dok2 on “Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook” | Explains why he became a rapper + Money on his wall?

Dok2 appeared for the very first time on Korean television recently. Which show did he choose? None other than  “Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook”. I have to say that that is literally one of my most favorite shows on tv right now. The interview with a live audience is so lively and energetic even when the topic is kinda sad and plus the live performances are always incredible.

While on the show, he was asked the big question, “Why rap?”

“I started in order to try and save my bankrupt family when I was 12. I thought if I did music, I’d be able to earn money. But I wasn’t able to earn anything for 10 years, which worsened my relationship with my family.”


And then he talked about the one thing that had me reallllllllllllyyyy interested. Why does he has money on the display at his house? I’ve wondered about this for a while when I heard about it. I questioned if it was really true. And I found out that it was. But his reasoning kinda justifies it for me.

“See the numbers go up and down through internet banking is so fickle. But if I have hard cash, I tend not to use it.” He jokes, adding, “It is me bragging about money.”

In all seriousness, however, Dok2 says, “I wanted to give people the message that success is possible, even for people genetically short like me, in the uncommon hip-hop genre.”

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I guess it’s good to have a healthy reminder that no matter the circumstances, you can rise above and be great at whatever you choose to do in life. Even if that circumstance is your height, looks, physical/mental/emotional attributes, you can achieve.

At least, that’s what I took from what he said.


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