BIGBANG “Sober” vs The Wanted “Glad You Came” Plagiarism?

The “neti-sphere” is on fire this week over yet another plagiarism debate. This time, the comparison is being made between BIGBANG “Sober” vs The Wanted “Glad You Came”. I’ll post both videos so you can hear it. Apparently, the similarities begin at the chorus. According to netizens, they sound exactly alike at the 1 minute mark for both songs.

I will say this. It is very easy to hear similarities in all popular music around the world since many people use the same producers, similar instrumentals and/or same song-writers. I’m not one to say this is a case of plagiarism. I just think these are two songs that sound alike and like every other song on the radio. It’s not an outright “case of the song snatcher”.

Can you hear the similarities? Is it plagiarism?


2 thoughts on “BIGBANG “Sober” vs The Wanted “Glad You Came” Plagiarism?”

  1. It’s definitely god “Glad You Came” but it instead of a party anthem it reminds me of having a hangover. I honestly don’t know why either. But the intro and the chorus are eerily similar aka there is no doubt there was plagerism. Plus the ending of their song was exactly like The WANTED’s third verse. Such a shame! I really did like Big Bang.


    1. I actually wasnt completely shocked by this because Kpop is heavily influenced by Western music. But I can understand how there is a thin line between “sampling” and plagiarism.


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