Jessica Jung’s BLANC&ECLARE Denim Line Available Now

I really do like Jessica’s fashion line and partnerships that she’s developing. I think she’s very creative and the more she works at this, the better she’ll get. I can only imagine that she has so much more that she’s ready to introduce to the world but it takes patience. I’m glad she’s building slowly.

With that being said, BLANC&ECLARE Denim Line is now online for purchase. But it’s not just denim, it’s a full collection. Well, almost. It doesn’t exactly have a full range of shirts yet but I’m sure that’s coming next.

Designer Jessica Jung has finally unveiled her Blanc & Eclare Denim Line. After releasing several teaser images, the full collection is available for purchase at the brand’s official online store. The line contains pants, shirts, skirts, and bags ranging between $65 and $160. All of the articles are a perfect addition to a casual wardrobe.

One of the standout pieces from the new collection is a sailor-themed shirt known as the “Yonaha” white shirt. According to the brand, “Timeless and fun, this sailor tee will have you daydreaming about your beach-side escape. This soft tee will become a fast warm weather favorite.”

(click here to see the full article at

Shipping for the products begin next week. It’s not exactly a cheap line but I can honestly say I would actually buy something from this line. I can actually see her eventually having clothes in a store like TOPSHOP. It’d be nice when she does start doing partnerships like that outside of Asia and branching to Europe/Canada/Americas… I’m just being hopeful here. That may never happen but never say never!

Check out the full denim line at the BLANC&ECLARE website.


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