Girls’ Generation Tiffany Interviews “Mission Impossible: ROGUE” Star, Tom Cruise

Tiffany of SNSD was given the opportunity to interview Tom Cruise as he was in Korea for promotions for the new Mission Impossible 5 movie. This interview will be featured on the KBS show “Entertainment Weekly”.

This isn’t her first time interviewing actors. She also interviewed Tom Hiddleston and Brad Pitt in the past. Tom Hiddleston, (Loki in Thor and The Avengers), took to instagram to share a picture with her after the interview and to say, “I met the lovely Tiffany from Girls’ Generation yesterday & she showed me around Seoul. #LokiInKorea”. Apparently, she’s a natural, being that she is a celebrity herself and all.

Afterward the interview, Tiffany took to instagram to share a picture of the moment.

“xolovestephihad a blast talking about @missionimpossible 5 #roguenation 💥 thanks for being soo inspiring ❤️ #tomcruiseinkorea 🇰🇷 dont miss the interview on #KBS#연예가중계 🎬”

Hopefully we’ll see more interviews from her soon! And don’t forget to check out the upcoming Mission Impossible!

Wonder Girls | “REBOOT” Album Preview + HA:TFELT Edits Group Teaser

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Wonder Girls. And though I never really listened to them much before, being about to witness this comeback and new vision for them has truly been an exciting experience! Not to mention, I love the preview for their new song “I Feel You” and the album sounds amazing!

But Yeeun a.k.a HA:TFELT has a huge sense of humor and has decided to take the group teaser and just “tweak” it a bit. Yeeun’s vision of the teaser is way cooler if I do say so myself! Hahaha! Just a little fun before the big comeback – band debut.

If you haven’t heard the album teaser yet, check it out below! It definitely has an 80’s feel to it!

좌회전 하세요 (jwahoejeon haseyo) [Word of the Day]

안녕하세요와! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

Today ends the directions weekly theme. I wish I had written down my thoughts for the Grammar of the Week because I completely forgot it! However, there is more to learn about giving directions and so I end up continuing this into next week as well.

Today’s phrase is a continuation from yesterday. If you tell someone to 우회전 하세요 (uhoejeon haseyo), then of course you may also have to say 좌회전 하세요 (jwahoejeon haseyo) = “Please turn left”. After all, directions don’t just have a bunch of right turns.

좌회전 하세요 (jwahoejeon haseyo)

Same breakdown from yesterday.

회전 (hoejeon) = turn

하세요 (haseyo) [informal polite speech] = form of 하시다 (hasida) “to do (polite)”

좌 (jwa) = left

월요일까지! (wol-yoilkkaji!)

BTS | Rap Monster Death Threats + “The Red Bullet” Cut Short in New York

At first, I wasn’t going to talk about this only because I wasn’t entirely sure of all the details surrounding this. The reason behind the threats is still largely speculation. It seems many people think that this all started after some unflattering comments Rap Monster made in an interview a little while ago about V and J-Hope being “too dark” and that he “couldn’t see them” because of it, kinda upset some people.

It got particularly bad in New York recently. It was reported that the entire event got cut short due to a gun threat.

The person, who hasn’t been identified and is only known by a possible made-up name on twitter (account has since been deleted) was not deterred in the slightest and made a new threat yesterday.


(source: twitter/koreaboo)

There’s no proof that this is even the same person who made the original gun threat or that this person was at the event.

I actually saw those tweets and read some of the responses yesterday before it just became ridiculous. The photo that this person used was actually an old photo of a gun that was circulating a while back. The original photos were linked to something entirely different. However, the accounts and tweets have been deleted but everyone is still wondering if there will be a concert in Mexico. I can tell you now, there hasn’t been any word that there won’t be. The only thing they’ve said they’ll do is just make sure there’s extra security.

Right now, there’s just a lot of speculation and not much concrete proof. But thankfully, security isn’t taking any chances. Hopefully it’s all just a really horrible prank.

It really is in bad taste to threaten someone’s life, regardless of who they are, as a “joke”. It’s not funny.