BIGBANG’s “If You” Will Not Have a Video

Out of all the promo and releases for the upcoming album M.A.D.E, it appears that “If You” will not be added to the list of upcoming videos. So if you were hoping to see a teaser for it, don’t count on one. They’ve decided since the song is their “saddest” song since their debut, there will be no video. But why?

“The reason why it does not have a music video is because since BIGBANG’s debut in 2006, ‘If You’ is their saddest song ever. ‘If You’ is a track that will touch you emotionally. A music video wasn’t shot so that you can focus on the music and lyrics only.”

(click here to see the full article on

I’m actually glad it won’t get a video. If this song is going to be as emotional as they say it will be, I don’t think it’ll actually need a video. I think the music and words will be enough. Plus, the live performance of it won’t have any choreography (probably) so you spend more time listening and experiencing rather than trying to see what’s going to happen next.

I agree with this decision.

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