Girls’ Generations Promotions Set to Begin Soon + Biggest Ever!

Looks like the ladies of SNSD are getting up to prepare the biggest comeback of their careers thus far! They’ve apparently been filming music videos in different countries and the latest one, produced by Johnny Brothers‘ director Hong Won Ki, was filmed in Thailand. I guess you can say it’s a pretty big deal.

But why is this comeback so huge?

For their July comeback, Girls’ Generation will not only comeback with one but THREE music videos, making this upcoming activities the biggest ever prepared for the group since their debut. The preparation of these three music videos reveals why Girls’ Generation’s comeback, originally revealed to be for May then June, was set back repeatedly.

(check out the full article here at

If only I could see a preview of it now. I’m so curious as to what it looks like! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I wonder if they’re gonna be like EXO and kinda re-introduce themselves as the new OT8?

Just random thoughts.


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