Wonder Girls Will Comeback as a Band?

It has already been announced that the Wonder Girls will be making a comeback very soon. It will only be with four members and Sunye has decided not to return, which is completely understandable. She retired from the music industry after getting married. As far as the official new Wonder Girls group, apparently the number of their members isn’t the only thing that’ll be changing.

I don’t know if this is for a music video, promotional teasers, or what but it seems that Wonder Girls will be back as a full band.

The rumors have spread because many insiders in the music scene have seen the Wonder Girls carry around instruments to and from the practice rooms. Yubin has reported to be on drums, Lim on guitar, Sunmi on bass, and Yenny on keyboards.

(click here to see the full article at allkpop.com)

This is true I think that’ll be pretty amazing to see them transform into a pop-rock girl group band!

Now we wait and see.


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