Possessive Pronouns in Korean pt. 2 [Grammar of the Week]


Originally, I was only going to stop at part 1. But I figured this second part was necessary. It’s going to be short today. Let’s get started!

너의 and 우리의

The Breakdown

  • 너의 (neo-ui) = your
    • 너 = you
    • 의 = makes this possessive
  • 우리의 (uri-ui)
    • 우리 = we, us
    • 의 = transforms this to our

Examples: [No idea why it’seems two number 1’s but I’ll fix if later]

  1. 너의
  • 너의 집은 아름다운 것입니다. (Neoui jibeun aleumdaun geosibnida.) = Your house is beautiful.
  • 이것은 너의 개입니다? (Igeos-eun neoui gaeibnida?) = Is this your dog?
  1. 우리의
  • 저 우리의 차입니다. (Jeo uri-oui chaibnida.)

So that’s it! Next week I’ll move on to a new topic.


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