Will IU Make a Comeback This Fall?

Even though IU is currently in the “Producers”, that’s not slowing down plans for her comeback it seems. Back in March, LOEN Entertainment said that she was going to be working on her music in conjunction with the show and that she may comeback after it’s over.

Well, now it’s June. And though it is still summer (or heading into summer), the rumors have not ceased about whether or not she’ll be making a comeback.

IU recently proved her popularity as an artist with the release of her digital single “Heart,” which achieved an all-kill upon release and is still competing admirably on the charts. In addition to “Heart,” IU has also participated in several successful collaboration tracks last year, including one with legendary singer Seo Taiji. However, the singer has not released an album since her EP Flower Bookmark early last year.

(click here to see the full article on koreaboo.com)

Honestly, I don’t think we’ll know for sure until we see some teasers for a new single leading to an album. I have my doubts but we’ll see. Fall is a few months away and a lot can happen in those few months.


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